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Property Sector, includes

Property Sector, includes

Property Sector, includes

The procedures followed before the real estate registration missions are very importance in proving and preserving the different rights. Therefore, DQG in this section has concerned in allocating a team of the highest level of efficiency in finalizing the different procedures in front of the real estate month missions and documentation offices to serve our customers because of these importance and accuracy where the lawyer must be careful in these procedures with great care for the consequent acquisition of the client or the loss of legal status. The procedure must be correct in order not to be marred by any legal disgrace that affects the procedure and affects the right arising from this procedure. DQG have a team of highly qualified lawyers with real estate registration procedures in front of the real estate registry, whether the registration is related to Egyptians or foreigners. Did you know that if you bought a property (an apartment or a plot of land) then you are not the owner of it unless after the registration of the sales contract and that the authority responsible for registration is the real estate registration and documentation authority represented in its offices. And that the Egyptian Real Estate Registration Law is obligated to record any behavior occurring on any real estate, so that this behavior is enforceable in the face of any third party and an argument for it. Among the procedures necessary for legal completion of the mortgage contract must be registered in the real estate and the health and enforcement suit newspaper must be registered and publicized in the real estate month and the finance lease must be registered and publicized in his contract in front of the real estate month until the lawsuits that are filed and the subject of it is a registered property must be marked with those claims on the contract known to that property The real estate registration procedures are many, complex, and necessary to preserve the rights of individuals and companies, and only a lawyer can know about it and the real estate registry law and the procedures followed.

A- For example:

1- Registration of consensual sales contracts.

2- Registration of the lawsuit and enforcement.

3- Registering enforcement judgment.

4- The inheritance of the deceased.

5- Registration of real estate financing guarantee applications.

6- Registering a will.

7- And other procedures that the law requires registration before the real estate body.