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About DQG

  • Dar Al-Qanun Group for Law Firm, Arbitration and Training "DQG".


  • Founded by Mr. / Ramy El-Sajeny, the High Appeal Lawyer, and the State Council, with the partnership of Mr. / Tamer El-Sharashaby, Lawyer, Cassation, Administrative and Supreme Constitutional, in 2010 and during these years, DQG has achieved a proven record of successes in all businesses, services and consultations provided to our Customers, Companies and Investors in Egypt and abroad.


  • DQG is widely respected and appreciated for its specialized expertise and the depth of legal and managerial professional knowledge, thanks to DQG's diverse work in all areas and legal services that meet all the needs of different customers.


  • Specialize in providing legal works, integrated legal services, legal advice and contracts in addition to the arbitration and legal training sectors.


Our vision

  • Establishing a unique system that tightly links between legal performance and high administrative organization based on its implementation through an extensive, experience and specialized competencies team to ensure that the highest quality in order to achieve best results.


  • Unusual thinking and different outlook in order to keep pace with new changes through development using modern technology with high efficiency and speed of performance to maintain a permanent optimisations; By providing a distinct, unconventional and innovative legal service.


  • Investing intellectual, scientific, and professional skills in assessing situations, evaluating problems, choosing appropriate crystallized solutions in attainment skill, monitoring variables, investing available information and using them to support decision-making after analyzing problems, revealing their causes, building strategies, preparing plans, and mobilizing efforts to implement them with the required efficiency and skills.

Our Dreams and Goals

  • Leading with a strong entity with firm roots.
  • Be a beacon of truth and goodness.
  • Build bridges of trust with our customers.

Rate us

  • Honesty - respect - sanctifying time.
  • Sincerity and dedication to work.
  • Urging charity and help needy.
  • Work as a family.
  • A passion for growth and innovation
  • Uniqueness on the moral, intellectual and professional level.

Our message

  • We adhered to rise the word of truth and support the oppressed and help the needy.
  • Developing a system of cooperation between DQG and its clients.
  • Correcting the misconceptions of some about the legal profession and the lawyers themselves.
  • Building a new generation of lawyers with high moral, intellectual and technical capabilities, so that they can be proud of all of us and beneficial to their homeland.
  • We seek to be the best option, trust and appreciation for our customer.

Our Treaty

  • Cooperate internally and compete externally to emphasize the word of right, truth and achieve justice.
  • Avoid lying and hypocrisy.
  • Nothing but the truth.
  • No help for unjust or habitual criminals.

Our partners

We trust that our customers are our true partners in success and continuous development; We all share lawyers, employees, and clients to make the work under the umbrella of the same family.


  • DQG's team stand out as a diversity of technical and legal experiences in order to reach the level of professional integration.


  • Includes a group of senior lawyers and legal advisors in Egypt and abroad.


  • DQG team also includes many other assisting administrative sectors such as customer service - Human Resources - Chirety Sector - Financial Sector - Public Relations.


  • DQG's team stand out as a specialization in all legal services entrusted to us in order to achieve the desired results with accuracy, speed and desired excellence. "That is why we are always the first and best choice".


  • DQG are committed to raise the highest quality standards in the performance of services and legal work.


  • DQG having an integrated unique system to communicate with the client to easily followup and developments of the prosidures in order to avoid wasting time and money.

Our customers

  • DQG’s valued customers are honored and welcome to the family of Dar Al-Qanun Group with the commitment of honesty, dedication and sincerity in the work.


  • DQG’s customers enjoy many advantages and more high level attention.


  • DQG includes in our family an elite Customers, Corporats and Investors of different nationalities and entities, with a full respect and appreciation for them.


  • DQG’s customer base is expanding day by day, it is the result of effort and energies made by the constant insight and endeavor and satisfactory results for all customers.


  • DQG is widely respected and appreciated for its expertise and depth of legal knowledge and administrative professionalism, due to the size of the institution's diverse work in all areas and legal services that meet the needs of different Customers.


Follow us to know all the advantages granted by DQG, whether free/paid services available to all our customers.

Our experiences & Clients

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