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Licensing and Permits Department

Licensing and Permits Department

Licensing and Permits Department

DQG includes a mixture of legal and administrative and engineering experiences in order to complete all procedures for issuing licenses and permits for all real estate and commercial activities in an optimal way and try to avoid all risks, whether legal, financial or engineering, whether current or future with the provision of full advice and thoughtful advice before starting to implement the license or The permit, in a professional manner, with the required speed and accuracy.

Examples of our service with that administration include but are not limited to:

- Issuing permits for building and entering facilities

- Issue allocation decisions for lands, whether for residential, tourism, commercial, administrative and educational projects.

- Construction licenses and their amendments.

- Modifying the use of establishments and lands, whether residential, commercial, administrative and educational.

- Issuing a decision to establish and operate universities and higher and private institutes.

- Licenses for schools of all kinds.

- Issuing licenses for operating nurseries and educational activities.