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Registration and protection of intellectual property and trademarks

Registration and protection of intellectual property and trademarks

Registration and protection of intellectual property and trademarks

A- Intellectual Property

DQG includes a working group specialized in all matters related to intellectual and technical property, including contracts, disposal of those contracts, ownership, exploitation or licensing of intellectual property. DQG team has extensive experience in identifying different rights and how to best exploit and protect them in the Middle East and North Africa region and worldwide. .

The intellectual property team also resolves disputes related to the violation of intellectual property rights and their misuse, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation, and the team represents the plaintiff or the defendant alike.

Team’s areas of expertise include:

1- Copyright and Authoring.

2- Patent infringement cases.

3- Research and development Agreements.

4- Patent licenses, technologies, joint technology companies, and technology transfers.

5- Trade names, trademarks, trade licenses, service marks and domain names.

6- Confidential information and data subject to intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

7- Registered and unregistered design rights.

8- Literary rights.

9 - Marketing and sponsorship Agreements.

10- Media/Social Media Cases.

11- Cases of fighting piracy and saving intellectual property laws.

12- Protecting intellectual property rights in international markets.

13- Due diligence.

14- Litigation over intellectual property rights.



B- Trademarks:

Not only the registration of the trademark important in the commercial market, the most important thing is to protect that trademark from theft, counterfeiting, forgery and exploitation, and we in DQG consider ourselves the protective shield to register and protect your trademark.

We can provide advice on domain name strategies. register all brands of companies and institutions, and can also support customers and brands in transactions and trade agreements including licensing and franchises.

This is in addition to negotiation and litigation over trademarks, their names and form, unfair competition and disputes over the validity of the trademark and its primacy or violation by others; DQG also manages the intellectual property of the brand in acquisitions, mergers, financing and bankruptcy.